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Updated: 02/23/2011

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Sheila Wolf, known affectionately by her patients and colleagues as Mama Gums, has been a dental hygienist since 1971, and has helped many hundreds of patients save teeth that were considered "hopeless."

Through education, encouragement, and a non-surgical approach to treating gum infections (“Keyes Technique”), she has enabled them to not only take control of their oral health, but their full body health as well. She has taught people the techniques, refined their skills, and advised on the use of many holistic "medications" that empowered them to accomplish what other dental professionals did not think possible.

Career Highlights…

• Author of nationally recognized "Pregnancy and Oral Health", the first book to teach mothers-to-be how to safeguard themselves and their babies from the dangers of oral infections.

• Author of award-winning book "Your Mouth Could Be KILLING You" a wonderfully illustrated, empowering book containing a simple, antibacterial program that teaches people how to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime, avoid gum surgery, and guard against the dangerous consequences of oral infections.

• Has written articles for professional magazines, newsletters and online publications.

• Graduated with honors from the prestigious Fones School of Dental Hygiene.

• Has been a dental hygienist since 1971, working with leading practitioners in Connecticut and California.

• Teaching simple, empowering techniques, Sheila has helped hundreds of patients save teeth that were considered “hopeless” — without surgery.

• For thirty-five Halloweens, has been a friend of the “Tooth Fairy,” handing out dental care treats to the children who come to her door.

• Volunteered as a dental nurse on a kibbutz in Israel, teaching and working in the dental clinic with adults and children.

• Taught Sister Marie, a teacher from a remote African village, the essentials of oral care to pass on to the children in her tiny community, and obtained donations of dental products from major companies.

• Traveled cross-country to a one-room schoolhouse in a small, impoverished, coal-mining town in Kentucky's Appalachian Mountains. Sheila brought dental supplies, education and a fun experience that the children and teachers will remember for a long time.

• Assists people all over the country with dental concerns, and refers them to dentists who practice the Keyes Method of anti-infective and biological dentistry.

• Has been the subject of interviews by the San Diego Union-Tribune, ePregnancy Magazine, and The Milford Weekly.

• Founder of the International Oral Wellness Foundation, an organization committed to transforming oral health on a global level.

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