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Updated: 02/23/2011

Reviews of Mama Gums' Books

What are the professionals saying about “Pregnancy and Oral Health”?

During Sheila Wolf’s three-decade long dental hygiene career she diagnosed three pregnancies. The puffy, red gums of pregnancy gingivitis gave it away before the expectant mother even knew. As the evidence linking pregnancy to periodontal disease and periodontal disease to pregnancy outcomes mounts, Pregnancy and Oral Health, Sheila’s new book for pregnant patients, arrives at just the right time.

— Hygienetown.com online magazine for hygienists

"A fascinating book that every pregnant woman MUST read to ensure her own health and that of her unborn child."

— Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D.
Author of the New York Times bestseller THE FAT FLUSH PLAN

"This book is a super-highway for traveling to the destination of dental, as well as general, health."

— Dr. Barry Solomon, DDS and Author

"Mama gums' book contains sound practical advice backed by scientific evidence to help preserve oral health in harmony with nature."

— Dr. Russell Tontz

"Pre-Term Low Birth Weight Babies cost the people of the United States untold billions of dollars every year, and it occurs over 7 times more often in those women with periodontal infection. Mama-Gums' book will show you how to prevent and/or treat this infection before it causes damage. I can enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone interested in healthier babies!"

— Dr. Thomas Baldwin

"I had no idea that I'd worry so much, about seemingly everything, during my pregnancy, but I am happy to say that I found Mama Gums' book early on, so I haven't had to add pregnancy gingivitis and its related complications to the list. Moreover, I have learned so much from the book that I feel confident that I will be able to maintain a healthy mouth for life."

— Jayne Amani, Attorney and Mother-to-be
Recommended reading for expectant mothers everywhere, August 9, 2004

"Pregnancy And Oral Health examines the link between gum infections during pregnancy and an increased risk of premature or underweight births, as well as heart attack, stroke, and other serious illness. Chapters provide recommendations for a simple, daily antibacterial program to support the body's natural healing, an eight-point test to determine if one has gum disease, advice for preventing pregnancy gingivitis, straight talk on why brushing and flossing alone may not be enough, and much more. Pregnancy And Oral Health is a superbly presented and welcome supplement to pregnancy reference shelves, and especially recommended reading for expectant mothers everywhere."

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

"I’ve read Sheila’s book and highly recommend it. The information it contains is relevant to everyone, not just expectant mothers."

— Larry Trivieri, Jr.
The Health Plus Letter, August 24, 2004, Vol. 2, No. 28

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