Word of Appreciation

Updated: 02/23/2011

You can have a powerful impact on humanity! Please help by supporting my efforts to educate people about simple oral hygiene techniques that could save their lives!

Be an Angel

If we were all inspired to donate even the smallest amount of our time, talents, or resources, everyone across the world could benefit. We might even erase illness in this lifetime. That's my mission and passion: to teach people that just by making some simple changes in their oral self-care they can live a healthier life.

Please share this message with others. Let friends and loved ones know that their mouths don't have to be the source of unnecessary pain and suffering. Unfortunately, doctors and dentists don’t talk enough about PREVENTION. They talk about treatment options, but hundreds of thousands of dollars and much anguish could be avoided if we helped prevent dental illness before it got started. It torments me to think of all the time and money spent on 'procedures' in lieu of training the patient in effective daily hygiene.

My mission is to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and the mouth/body connection. Oral infections have been linked to heart attacks, stroke, diabetic complications, respiratory illnesses, cancers, premature childbirth, and low birth weight babies.

You can actually help impact people's lives by helping to get the word out that potentially dangerous illness can be warded off by some very simple oral hygiene techniques. Your contributions of even a few dollars can support my speaking around the country, and donating books and educational materials to libraries, women’s shelters, teen-mothers programs, homeless shelters, and the like.

Please help me save lives!

Be an AngelEveryone deserves good health! The fact is, the majority of people can't afford dental care! But by practicing good oral hygiene they can save themselves the money spent on surgery and dental upkeep. Honestly, people simply do not know what good dental hygiene is, and that's where you "Angels" can help me.

The new book currently underway is called "Diabetes and Oral Health", which needs financial support for the research, design, printing, and distribution. Please consider supporting this potentially life-saving book.

Please feel free to contact me at:
mamagums@aol.com or by calling 866-MAMA-GUMs (866-626-2486).

Bless you,

Sheila Wolf, Mama Gums P O Box 151708 San Diego, CA 92175-1708